Jul 26, 2022

Two year hiatus

It’s been over 2 years since I wrote a blog post on here. Yikes. I guess I was busy with other things - starting a company, having two children, saying goodbye to my mother, navigating uncertain times 🙃

When things have gotten hard, I try to remember and be grateful for everything that I have. No matter what happens on a given day, I’m still fortunate enough to have food, shelter, family, friends, a fulfilling job, and so much more.

In my work, I think about how communities function and how to help people build them. We need communities to solve the difficult problems that await us in the 21st century. We need more community builders to inspire and to lead. We aren’t getting the leadership we need from politicians, corporations, governments, and institutions. None of these structures were designed with even a glimpse of what the world would look like today. They are organizations built for certain times.

New communities can be designed now, adapted to the present moment, and scaled rapidly. Communities are chaordic by nature, benefitting simulateously from the raw, creative material of chaos and the anchoring, stabilizing force of order. Too much chaos can kill a community, and so can too much order. This means that not all communities survive, but that ones that do are well-adapted to uncertainty and change. These robust, resilient communities are one of humanity’s best hopes against 21st century problems that our existing institutions are too slow, rigid, and indecisive to handle.

· · · ·

It’s late morning on a cloudy but cool day in Paris. Time to jump into the chaordic rivière that is Slack and keep working on this community thing. It’s good to see you again.

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