Nov 9, 2018

How DeveloperMode got its name

I spent the beginning of May at a 10-day vipassana course in northern California. There are small breaks scattered throughout each day, and normally I would use them to walk around the grounds and stretch my legs.

On day 5 I was, for whatever reason, thinking about work during one of my walks. Freelancing as a developer advocate had been going well and I was thinking about what making it more official could look like. To make it a real business it would need a name, and the idea for the name “Developer Mode” popped into my head. It had a nice ring to it.

A “developer mode” makes me think of activities that are hands-on, creative, challenging, and clever. It makes me think about popping open the hood and digging in underneath, to learn how things are really working.

There’s no pen, paper or electronics allowed at a vipassana course, so I just kept reminding myself not to forget about the name idea. A few days after the course ended I searched to see if was available. It wasβ€”for $500.

I don’t think I’d ever bought a domain over $20 before so this was a little unnerving. But the name kept growing on me, so after a week I decided to just do it. I figured even if I didn’t use it, I could find someone in the developer space who’d want to buy it for me.

I did end up using it after all, and I unofficially announced the company and the name at DevRelCon London in November πŸŽ‰

Here’s a link to the post on the new DeveloperMode blog: Introducing DeveloperMode. Here’s hoping my $500 was money well-spent.

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