Apr 4, 2018

Helping startups get developer relations right from day one

Starting this month, I’m offering consulting and advisorship to startups who are creating tools for developers. I love helping founders and teams think about how to make their product something that developers will fall in love with and want to evangelize for.

In the last five years I’ve worked at two business-to-developer (B2D) companies ranging from 6 to 200 employees, first as the VP Engineering at Keen IO and then as the Developer Relations Lead at Algolia. I’ve spoken at conferences like DevXCon and API Days and invested hundreds of hours getting to know developers, developer advocates and evangelists all over the world. I’ve advised dev-facing startups on a broad range of topics including developer experience, open source, online communities & more.

Speaking about open source in 2018 at Sentry Scouts

From these experiences, I’ve learned a lot of lessons about building effective and sustainable programs for developer relations—a lot of do’s and even more don’ts. With consulting, my goal is to take what I’ve learned and use it to help startups get their reputation and relationship with developers off on the right foot. My mission is help companies grow by increasing the value that they add to the developer community.

If you’re interested in discussing how I might be able to help your team, please send me an email or use the form on the consulting page. If you know of any teams that could use some help, I’d be grateful for an introduction.