Apr 9, 2016

Search presidential speeches with Oval Quotes

Oval Quotes is a mashup I made using data from The Miller Center and search from Algolia. It’s highly compact and lots of fun to play with.

The app lets you search over 500 historical speeches by US presidents. You can search by full-text keywords, like gettysburg civil war, and you can filter results to one or more presidents. The results are delivered as quote-sized chunks that you can copy, paste and share.

Gettysburg Address on Oval Quotes

Because the search is powered by Algolia, Oval Quotes has a lot of nice features that didn’t require me building them. Typo correction, highlighting search terms in results and faceting (filtering) are all handled automatically by the Algolia API and the instantsearch.js open source library. Check out this screencast to learn more about how Oval Quotes was built. The source code is up on Github.

Ready to try it out? Do know you how many presidents have mentioned shoes?

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