Jul 1, 2015

Boarding Call

I’m sitting at SFO International Gate G99, charging my body with pizza and my devices with the cables that I did not forget (yes!).

The new, GOLD, Macbook is at 96%, not surprising, because this is the finest laptop I have ever laid fingers on, in like every way, battery life especially. Right now it’s using a grand total of 3.66 watts, and I’m even listening to a song. For 8 more hours I can do just that. And the keyboard is so snappy, so pleasant to type on. I will write more on this trip on sole account of that.

My Kindle is only at 50% and I am unable to improve that. There are too few outlets and too many children, all quicker on the draw than I am. But it’s cool, their games drain battery much faster than my e-books.

To Beijing is 11 hours, from there to Bangkok is 5. Plenty of time to finish On the Road by Jack Kerouac, The Story of Philosophy by Will Durand and start Thailand by Lonely Planet.

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