Oct 30, 2014

The open source contribution streak ends on day 66

Streak and Burning Man are in the title but I assure you that this post is G-rated and family-friendly. As of August 23rd I had contributed to open source for 66 days in a row:

Github snapshot

Then, like any Whole Earth Catalog-carrying cyber-counter-culturalist living in northern California, I went to Burning Man. 2014 was my 3rd year, and a truly special one thanks to the truly amazing people of Amazecamp.

The trip did, however, mark the end of my commit streak, a streak that had started back in June.

My goals were to boost productivity and give back to a movement that has given me so much. I hoped it would inspire others to do the same, and it did.

As of today, October 30th, Lloyd is CRUSHING IT at 555 days!

Dieter is still going strong at 291! Coincidentally, he was just in SF this week from Belgium, so I got to buy him a beer:

Beers at Mikkeller

That’s us in the back. Also pictured is the Mild-Mannered Mustachio of Community, @elof, and a friend of Dieter’s on the left.

Other developers chimed in with words of support and encouragement:

These messages were inspiring and validating, and they made the decision to end the streak in August really difficult. I had planned to keep the streak alive at Burning Man. Really. I brought my laptop. There are camps with WiFi. I would set aside one hour a day.

Heh. All wishful thinking it turned out, little more. As soon as I landed on the playa I just couldn’t bring myself to think about opening a computer. Burning Man is where I come to get far away from tech, and a partial departure just isn’t the same. So there and then, the first Sunday night, I let the streak lapse and promptly partied until sunrise.

Whole Earth Catalog

I do own a copy! I bought it eBay a few years ago. This particular volume is The Last Whole Earth Catalog.

The Catalog and I

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