Apr 17, 2012

headless_hamlc - A working example of jasmine-headless-webkit with haml_coffee_assets

I’ve written before about using haml_coffee_assets to add Haml Coffee templates into your Rails asset pipeline. And how to test these templates using jasmine-headless-webkit.

I’ve watched and/or helped developers try to get these tools working together in their apps but it’s been a little bumpy. Thankfully, the process just got easier.

Earlier this month jasmine-headless-webkit added support for registering custom template engines. It’s now possible to plug in a templating engine like Haml Coffee - no fork required.

That said, there’s still a little bit of leg work required to get the “ideal” setup going with jasmine-headless-webkit and haml_coffee_assets. For that purpose I created headless_hamlc - a template app that shows both technologies playing together nicely.


Check out headless_hamlc on Github. Clone it, bundle it, and fire it up:

git clone git://github.com/dzello/headless_hamlc.git

The headless_hamlc README has more information, and the commit log shows you how the pieces came together.

Here’s an exerpt from the README about what’s in the app:

  • A simple page to show you Ruby Haml and Haml Coffee rendering side by side
  • Specs passing when running jasmine-headless-webkit
  • Specs passing when mounted to /specs in the browser
  • Shared haml_coffee_assets (HCA) configuration by browser specs/actual app and JHW runs
  • The jasmine-headless-webkit spec_helper.rb that does the heavy integration lifting


A huge thanks to @johnbintz for creating jasmine-headless-webkit and @netzpirat for creating haml_coffee_assets!


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