Aug 21, 2018

Make your 2018 Burning Man events schedule with Airtable

If like me you want to go to more events in the WhatWhereWhen but are completely incapable of planning things once you're on playa... this post is for you. Using data from the Burning Man organization and Justin Klein, I've thrown together a simple way for you to browse the over 4,000 events that are happening this year right now, fully days before the paper copy of the WWW hits your hands.... [read more]

Apr 21, 2018

Faster content rebuilding for Netlify's victor-hugo boilerplate

Whether you're just learning Hugo or bringing your Hugo experience to a new project, there's a good chance you'll be reaching for Netlify's victor-hugo boilerplate. It's the first starter kit listed in the Hugo documentation and has earned over 750 shiny Github stars ⭐️.... [read more]

Apr 4, 2018

Helping startups get developer relations right from day one

Starting this month, I'm offering consulting and advisorship to startups who are creating tools for developers. I love helping founders and teams think about how to make their product something that developers will fall in love with and want to evangelize for.... [read more]

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Mongoid Alize 0.3.1 - unified API, polymorphic support, and increased flexibility

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Releasing Mongoid Alize - Comprehensive field denormalization for Mongoid that stays in sync

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headless_hamlc - A working example of jasmine-headless-webkit with haml_coffee_assets

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Polyfills: Shims and Shivs

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Preview your Github locally

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What is 'this'? - Revealing JavaScript's 'this' in different contexts

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