I help companies build relationships with developers

MC'ing Heavybit's dev evangelism conference in 2015
My Mission

I do consulting for developer relations teams and companies whose customers are developers. My mission is help companies grow by increasing the value that they add to the developer community. I prefer engagements based around concentrated, well-scoped projects with few dependencies and a high potential for impact.


Types of engagements
    • Positioning deep dive

      Drawing on over 15 years of being a developer, I can help you understand the way that developers see your product and identify opportunities to improve your positioning and messaging.

      Typical engagement: 4-8 hours / week for 6 weeks + monthly follow-ups


    • Creating technical content

      I can create content that helps developers understand what your company does and why they should care. I can also create technical guides and tutorials that help developers learn your product and its features.

      Examples: Comparing Algolia and Elasticsearch for Consumer-Grade Search, How Algolia Reduces Latency For 21B Searches Per Month


    • Open source projects

      I can help you create a meaningful, contributor-friendly open source project whether you're looking to show off your technology or create goodwill in the community.

      Examples: discourse-algolia, keen-gem, mongoid-alize, DocSearch, Dashboards by Keen IO


Speaking about serverless and search at #AlgoliaSearchParty
Values I practice
    • Candor—I ask you regularly what's working and what isn't

    • Empathy—I listen closely to understand your situation

    • Adaptability—I adapt my guidance to your situation and goals

    • Transparency—I tell you when I don't know something - no BS

    • Transformation—I want my contribution to be a game-changer for you

Where am I?

I'm currently based out of Paris, France meaning that most or all of my work will be remote for US-based clients. I try to be as flexible as possible with my schedule so I can meet during the most convenient times for your team, wherever they may be around the globe.

How can I help you?