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MC'ing Heavybit's dev evangelism conference in 2015
Don't DevRel alone!

I do consulting for developer relations teams and companies whose customers are developers. My mission is help companies grow by increasing the value that they add to the developer community. I prefer engagements based around concentrated, well-scoped projects with few dependencies and a high potential for impact.

Types of engagements
    • Product & Positioning Deep Dive

      Do developers truly understand what your product does? Why it's different than your competitors? Why they can't just use open source instead? Great developer products can still be handicapped by a failure to clearly articulate both the problem and the solution, and it's impossible to build a compelling content strategy or a thriving community without addressing that first.

      Drawing on over 15 years of being a developer and 5 years building developer tools and communities, I can help you understand the way that your product makes developers feel and identify opportunities to improve your product, positioning and messaging.

      Typical engagement: 4-8 hours / week for 6 weeks + monthly follow-ups

    • Open Source Strategy

      I can help you create a meaningful, contributor-friendly open source project whether you're looking to show off your technology or create goodwill in the community.

    • Online Community Strategy

      I can help get your community off the ground and start measuring it with a combination of tools, integrations, events and outreach.

    • Technical Content Strategy

      I can help you use content to reach developers in an effective, cringe-free fashion that will help you grow while establishing your reputation.

Speaking about serverless and search at #AlgoliaSearchParty
Values I practice
    • Candor—I ask you regularly what's working and what isn't

    • Empathy—I listen closely to understand your situation

    • Adaptability—I adapt my guidance to your situation and goals

    • Transparency—I tell you when I don't know something - no BS

    • Transformation—I want my contribution to be a game-changer for you

Where am I?

I'm currently based out of Paris, France meaning that most or all of my work will be remote for US-based clients. I try to be as flexible as possible with my schedule so I can meet during the most convenient times for your team, wherever they may be around the globe.

How can I help you?